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Spray Floor Mop with Replaceable Pads

Spray Floor Mop with Replaceable Pads

Spray Floor Mop with Replaceable Pads

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Keep Your Floor Sparkling Clean with Spray Mop

Micro-fibre  Cloth: New design with fitted brush to scrub off hard dirt from the floor

Trigger spray:  Water sprays after you pinch lightly. Gives a fine mist spray of cleaning solution to the floor in front of the mop head

300- 500ML WATER TANK/FLAT MOP HEAD: Makes it ideal for larger floors and pivot to reach right under furniture. NO HIDDEN DIRTS.

Microfibre pads combine with Powerzone head for great cleaning performance. TWICE AS FAST AS TRADITIONAL MOP AND BUCKET

Can be used on most floor types including Sealed Wood, Tile, Vinyl, Marble, etc, Makes cleaning floors easy, simple and saves time

Fancy enough to hang around the living room unlike the TRADITIONAL MOP STICK


Saving You Money - Typical mop buckets can hold up to 5x more water and cleaning products than are actually required. Our special detachable cleaning pod hold just the right amount to get the job done. You can even add your own cleaning liquid to it for a more impressive clean. Great for the environment and great for your pocket!

100% Microfiber Cloth - Traditional mops spread wet dirt and old disintegrated strands around your home meaning it takes you even longer to clean. Our Microfiber technology locks dirt in like a magnet guaranteeing a sparkling clean floor with no loose ends!

Machine Washable - Unlike traditional mop heads that you can wash our patented microfiber cloths in your washing machine so every clean will be a fresh as the first one.

Swivel head - Stop straining to get to those hard to reach places. The swivel head of the Hydro Mop twists and turns allowing you to clean all over your home with ease.

Two Piece Design - The Hydro Mop splits easily into two separate pieces making it perfect for storage in small places.

Suitability - Perfect for wood, vinyl and tiled floor surfaces.

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